Cat and Dog Doors

Our pets are like our family. Cat, dog, pig or bird, when you have a pet they become apart of the family in a way that can’t be explained. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your pet.  There are so many things that you need when you have a pet. From beds, to pet specific bowls and toys. Something that isn’t thought about often are pet doors. Pet doors are necessary for letting your pet in and out the door when you aren’t around. Pet doors allow the pet the freedom to let themselves in and out without waiting for you to open a door. Pet doors are usually installed in the back door to allow for your pet to be outside and get exercise and relieve themselves independently.

Pet door installation is a task best left to the professionals. A door can be placed in any door that fits best for your family and pet needs. Pet door installation can be placed in a back door leading out to your backyard. Allan low Glass creates safe and easy solutions for your pet to be able to freely move in and out. We also make sure that the hardware is safe and long lasting quality for the lifetime of the pet door. We can create a door anywhere that would be convenient     for your pet to get in and out. Cat door installation can be made in high windows so that your cat has the freedom to move in and out of its favorite windows into high trees. Your pet door installation can even be placed in sliding glass doors or any other type of door or glass window that’s convenient. We even install locks so that when you or your pet aren’t using it other neighborhood critters won’t get in and wreck havoc in your home. Allan low glass uses on the best materials and tools to make sure that your pet is able to get in and out of your home safely. We give you great ideas for the best place to add your pet door. We create pet doors that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we want you to be happy with you pet door for years to come.

Why Allan Low Glass

Allan Low Glass is a customer satisfaction first company,  and we pride ourselves on the growth we have made with our customers. We want you to know that you as a customer are our number one priority. Allan Low Glass gives quality work and friendly service. We deliver the best service that you recommend to your friends and businesses over and over again. We know we are the best in glass and pet door installation. We know that your pets are like your family and we want to make sure you are oth happy with your pet door.

  • Experts in glass- no one knows more about glass and glass installations than Allan low glass. We make sure that the glass and hardware are going to fit all your needs. No one has more experience in pet door installation giving your pet the freedom it needs.
  • High quality – we only use high quality materials and the latest in technology to ensure the life and safety of your kitchen. We want your pet door installation to be easy and worry free.
  • Reputation- our reputation can’t be beat.  We do everything to ensure your satisfied with our work.  We take great pride in our high customer service and know that’s why you recommend us to your friends and neighbors who also love their pets.
  • Professionals- our trained glass expert’s have the experience and expertise to handle any glass job with ease.we are able to install your pet door in a variety of places. Rest assured that with Allan Low Glass you are in good hands.
  • Prices – we offer the best quality service and hardware at fair unbeatable prices.  We aim to satisfy all your pet door needs without breaking the bank. Their door wil be the perfect addition to your home.

Call us for a quote for your pet door installations. Trust us to give you a fair and honest price for the work.  Rest assured that your pet door installation will be installed by skilled expert professionals using the highest grade materials and tools. We take pride in helping you making sure your pet is able to get in and out safely and with little to no trouble . We help to make your home more efficient.   Let Allan low glass show you why we are number one in customer satisfaction. No matter what your pet door needs may be Allan low glass has you covered.